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Springbok IT Rekenaars

Ons verskaf nuwe rekenaars en..

Wat herstel ons?

Ons herstel laptops, desktop pc’s, en tablets en foons

Goeie diens

Ons gee IT support aanlyn, elke dag

Verniet Kwotasies

Ons geen verniet wotasies aan bestaande klieënte

Ons Miessie


We want to help you to make the best use of your technology, be it for business or personal use. We want to understand how to help you in your specific circumstances, to save time, money, and to make your life easier. We also want to help you promote your business online.


Ready to help with your new project.


Ready to share our experience.


Ready to keep things running smoothly.


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We Fix All Types of Electronic Devices


Contact us to see if we can help you with your repair.


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  • High Quality Parts
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